Contact: Shelby King
Escondido East
LAX Marriotte
5855 Century Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
United States of America

PETs stands for 'President Elect Training',

PETs is strongly recommended for all incoming Presidents of all of Rotary.PETs is held regionally, i.e. All clubs in Southern California will be sending their respecitve President-Elect to this training. This is a great opportunity for our future President to not only learn more about Rotary, but to network and meet her fellow President Elects that she will be working with.

Shelby  King, being our clubs President-Elect will be getting ready for her year as our President for 2023-2024. She is not yet sure if she is going to Melbourne, Australia but we hope she does. Lets all wish her well and thank her for her commitment to our Club.